The Message Of The Chairman

As Kipaş Family; We continue to work, produce and provide employment, and we constantly improve ourselves by sticking to our basic principles.

Since 1984, we have acted with the aim of becoming a world brand in all areas in which we operate, by preserving the values we have with our superior business ethics and honest work principles. We started this journey with only 35 people, today we continue to grow and develop with our 11 thousand employees, with the experience of the past and the dynamism of today in 6 main sectors.

As Kipaş Holding, we attach great importance to change because only those who keep up with the changes will be able to walk confidently into the future. By adhering to our basic principles, we always aim for the better and we attach special importance to R&D studies accordingly.

Our motivation; We take it from the awareness of increasing our contribution to the economy of our country and adding more value to our employees. We support our economy with great solidarity and common values with our customers, business partners and employees in the fields of textile, cement, energy, paper, education and logistics.

We fulfill our responsibilities towards our people by turning our earnings into investments and social projects. 

In every field we operate; We are taking important steps towards becoming a leading company in our country based on clean, high technology, participatory, be open to innovation and development, environmentally sensitive and sustainable way of doing business.

In our business life approaching to 40 years; First of all, I would like to thank my colleagues, customers and business partners for the values they bring us.


Mehmet Hanefi ÖKSÜZ
Chairman of the Board of Kipaş Holding

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