Leading Lions of Education

Private Kipaş Educational Institutions continue to raise valuable individuals for the future, with its ever-increasing number of students and a stronger teaching staff. 

Private Kipaş Educational Institutions established by Kipaş Holding within the scope of social responsibility project aims to be a non-commercial, charitable and exemplary institution in its field. 

Our school started its activities with 180 students and 40 teachers in the 2008-2009 academic year in order to provide scholarship opportunities to students who are successful but financially incompetent in our region. 

Kindergarten, primary school, secondary school, science and anatolian high school and Private Kipaş Educational Institutions established in an area of 32.000 m2 have 92 classrooms and all our classrooms are equipped with smart boards. It offers its students the opportunity to study in a unique environment with its indoor sports hall, outdoor sports areas and a modern conference hall with a capacity of 300 people. Private Kipaş Educational Institutions is taking firm steps towards the future with its ever-increasing school size and strengthening teacher staff. 

Private Kipaş Educational Institutions is an exemplary educational institution in the province of Kahramanmaraş in terms of its student capacity and the quality of the facilities it contains. In addition to academic education, our school provides a contemporary education and cultural environment with the widest range of opportunities for social-cultural-sports activities. An education service worthy of the 21st century is offered with contemporary education venues that improve the imagination, creativity and sense of discovery of the new generations and make life and learning enjoyable.

 In our school there is; 

• Large sports hall with a capacity of 350 spectators, 
• Conference hall with a capacity of 300 spectators,
• An infirmary suitable for first interventions, 
• 4 laboratories (Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Science and Technology), 
• 2 music workshops, 
• 2 visual arts workshops ,
• 1 technology and design workshop, 



• 1 intelligence games workshop, 
• Drama rooms, 
• 1 Lego Robotics workshop, 
• 1 Ardunio Workshop, 
• 1 basketball, 2 football, 1 tennis courts, 
• 1 computer lab 
• A library with rich content.

To get more detailed information about Our Private Kipaş Education Institution visit http://www.kipasegitim.com.tr

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