Kipaş Agriculture

Kipaş Agriculture and Cotton Processing (Ginning); Products such as grape, cotton, red pepper, soy etc. are produced with the disease control system by analyzing soil, water and leaves on a 1000 hectare open field. Kipaş Agriculture carries out the adaptation and cultivation of new varieties that were not in the region before using modern methods. In this way, it opens new horizons for the agriculture of the region and serves to increase the product diversity and agricultural output in the region. Many products are marketed abroad and domestically under the Kipaş Agriculture brand.

Kipaş Cotton Plant

The ginning facility is the establishment with the largest capacity and modern cotton processing in the region with 120 rollergin ginning machines. The unseed cottons, analyzed with test devices, are classified according to their quality values, and then the fiber part and the core of the unginned cotton are separated by the ginning process. Cotton fiber, which is turned into bales in presses, is shipped to spinning mills according to the needs of Kipaş Textile Establishments.

Kipaş Insurance Brokerage Services

It provides services in insurance brokerage services, risk management and claim consultancy. It was established to carry out all insurance transactions of our group, domestic and international insurance activities. By researching cost-effective and comprehensive insurance products. It adds value to Kipaş Holding with its strong local and global insurance companies.

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