We Protect Our Nature With Recycling.

We contribute to the national economy and employment with our businesses, which are the largest production facilities in Turkey and Europe. 

Our Batı Kipaş Paper Facility, which we established in Aydın / Söke Organized Industrial Zone, will produce 600 thousand tons of cardboard to be used in the packaging sector; 310 thousand square meters area will be used in total, of which 200 thousand square meters of which will be indoor area. 730 thousand tons of cardboard will be produced in total with additional investments. Our facility, which will meet its own energy needs; consists of four main buildings: paper machine, power plant, raw water treatment plant and waste water treatment plant, will benefit the national economy with employment, and the nature by producing 100% recycled waste paper. 

Our Kipaş Paper Production Facility is established on an area of 330.000 m2, of which 100.000 m2 is a closed area.

Kipaş Kağıt Sanayi İşletmeleri A.Ş., a subsidiary of Kipaş Holding, is the leading producer of our country in its sector with its production capacity, technology and experienced personnel. Our production facility is established on an area of 330,000 m2, of which 100,000 m2 is a closed area. The paper types produced are Testliner and Fluting, with a grammage of 70-200 gr / m2. Packaging products are also produced in our facility. The products produced by using cutting edge technologies of the sector at the facilities which is employing approximately 1,000 people are offered to the world market.

We emphasize the importance we give to nature by converting to reusable raw materials without any concession of our reliability and quality. By producing 425,000 tons of paper annually from 100% recycled waste paper, Kipaş Kağıt prevents the destruction of 6000 hectares of forest land and adds added value to the economy. Kipaş Kağıt supplies the waste paper required for its production from its own collection facilities and from domestic and foreign suppliers.


A brand that takes firm steps to become an exemplary organization in the paper core and packaging industry, Teksan, was established in 1995 to produce intermediate products used in the textile industry. The product range has been expanded rapidly according to the conditions and demands of the day from producing only conical bobbin and bobbin, core tube and cylindrical tube  to producing also honeycomb panels, honeycomb separators, cardboard pallets, cardboard legs and gussets. Teksan has been manufacturing under Kipaş Kağıt company since 2015. 

Our facility is established on a land of approximately 8,500 m2, and physical, biology and advanced refinings are carried out in our laboratories and refinement facilities. As Kipaş Paper, we have set our goal and duty to give nature back to our children, without polluting it. Our Kipaş Kağıt facility uses 100% waste paper , which alone does not have any value as raw material and it contributes to the national economy and ensures the protection of a forest area of 6000 hectares per year.

For more detailed information about our Kipaş Paper Group, you can visit www.kipaskagit.com and batikipas.com.tr

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