We protect our world and resources with eco-friendly jeans.

Lee Cooper

We protect our world and resources with eco-friendly jeans. Kipaş Holding acquired Lee Cooper, the oldest British denim brand, in 2010, and completed the last link of horizontal production chain. The fabrics produced in our denim factory has become even more global with being used in the collection by blending with brand value. A contribution to the nature has been provided thanks to the products made with recycled fabrics added to the collection. Lee Cooper continues its journey with a total of 223 sales points. It is a brand that has been preferred by many Rock and Roll artists and even known by whole generation lived in 80s Turkey. Starting with the production of timeless denim overalls by Moris Cooper's on the east end of London and now becoming a global brand arouses more curiosity about Lee Cooper's history. 

Eco-friendly collaboration from Lee Cooper and Boyner

Lee Cooper X Boyner collection is designed by transforming 20 thousand plastic bottles into yarn. While sustainability is a more prominent agenda each day in the fashion world, the number of ecological and nature-friendly collections is also increasing. Boyner has signed a new collaboration with Lee Cooper that contributes to a sustainable future and expands the field of sustainable fashion. Lee Cooper’ın repreve iplik kullanarak ve daha az su tüketimi ile oluşturduğu doğa dostu kapsül koleksiyon, yalnızca Boyner mağazalarında ve’de müşterilerle buluşmaya başladı.

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