We are Turkey's and Europe's largest integrated manufacturer of yarn and fabric.

Kipaş Tekstil was established in 1984 as Kahramanmaraş İplik Pamuk A.Ş. Kipaş Tekstil is located in Kahramanmaraş with an annual production capacity of 80 million meters of fabric and 330 tons of yarn per day, with approximately 5,700 employees. Kipaş Tekstil, which is ranking in the top 100 in the ISO 500 list Turkey's and Europe's largest textile production

company is an integrated company with its experience of more than 35 years, with its Ring, Open End and Air Jet facilities, with its R&D power and rich product range from yarn to denim and non-denim woven fabric, from dyehouse to garments.

The yarn production facilities affiliated with Kipaş Holding, which produces 330 tons of yarn per day with its 200.000 m² closed area, 5 ring spinning factories with 205.000 spindles capacity, 3 open-end yarn factories with 20.500 rotor capacity and 2000 experienced employees, always ensure quality production in the sector on time. delivery and customer-oriented work as a principle, has taken its place among the important yarn suppliers of the world. Kipaş Holding, the leader of the textile industry, has managed to become the locomotive of the yarn  industry by exporting 50% of the yarns it produces.

Kipaş Holding, which has taken its place among the leading companies in the sector with its 9488 spindle machine capacity, 15 tons of folding twisting per day and 10 tons of yarn and fiber dyeing capacity per day, has shown a growth trend that is rarely seen in the same way by constantly improving itself. By using the best quality fibers of the world, all production processes from blending to yarn are subjected to quality control with advanced technology laboratory devices and the goal of high quality is achieved in the final product.

Fabric production facilities affiliated with Kipaş Holding, have a rich product portfolio that includes fabrics produced from all fiber groups, especially cotton and our Fabric Production Line that has 120.000 m² closed area, 700 weaving machines, and 1500 experienced employees, annually produce 35 million meters of non-denim and 50 million meters of denim fabric. Kipaş Tekstil, the leader of the textile industry, has succeeded to make a name among the leading suppliers of the world by exporting 60% of the fabrics it produces. Kipaş fabric facilities, which have a wide range of products including trousers, shirting and

upholstery fabrics with all kinds of blends and features, attach great importance to R&D studies at every stage of production. In the departments formed by an expert staff, products and services in accordance with the market conditions and customer demands are developed. The fabrics produced in an environmentally friendly manner are tested with the most advanced testing techniques according to the world's leading high standards. Kipaş Tekstil continues on its way by doubling the confidence it has given to its customers with its production and quality related certificates. 

We are one of the textile companies in Turkey that is investing in R&D the most.

We are one of the textile companies in Turkey that is investing in R&D the most.

Kipaş R&D Center, which started to operate in 2015, is proud to be the first R&D Center in Kahramanmaraş, approved by the Ministry of Industry and Technology. Our R&D Center affiliated with Kipaş Tekstil, with projects and investments in research and development is among the top 250 companies in R & D activities in Turkey.

Kipaş Tekstil started to establish the R&D Center in 2013 in order to develop innovative technologies and direct the textile industry to further change. Today, we employ more than fifty staff in the R&D Center, including researchers from different disciplines such as textile engineering, industrial engineering, chemical engineering, electronic engineering, mechanical engineering and environmental engineering, and technicians from various specialties. As the pioneers of our industry, we strive to innovate, improve, collaborate and lead a sustainable and circular future that adds value to our industry. Therefore, the R&D Center collaborates with national and international universities and leading suppliers and customers around the world.

Making a total of 31 applications to the Turkish Patent Institute as of 2021, Kipaş Holding registered 8 of these applications and adopted the principle of protecting its original and innovative ideas. 

KİPAŞ TEKSTİL KIPASTEC ™ , is one of Europe's leading, fully integrated textile companies.

Kipastec ™ brand, affiliated to Kipaş Tekstil; specializes in the development and production of highly innovative technical yarns and fabrics. Today, it sells advanced and high quality products in nearly 100 countries around the world.

To achieve excellence, we continue to build close working relationships with the most innovative technology and fiber companies. As a market and customer focused company, we value partnerships with long-term brands and apparel manufacturers as much as the European and non-European parts. We are committed to work together to meet our customers' needs and find solutions.

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